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A long-established tradition

A family business for over 260 years



Many generations of Würzburgers and visitors from near and far have bought and sharpened their knives and scissors at the long-established Schuchbauer business, located for over 260 years in the heart of Würzburg between Domstraße and the market place.


Our expert staff will happily assist you. We offer premium, high-quality products from Solingen, and the majority of our products are made in Germany. Cooks swear by our quality. In addition to knives and kitchenware, we carry a wide selection of scissors, as well as manicure, pedicure, and shaving tools.


We will gladly order any product from our suppliers that we do not have in stock. You will receive detailed instructions on how to use products such as whetstones, sharpening steel, or razor blades.

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