Sharpening service

The art of sharpening

What is dull we will once again make sharp. We are a combination of many years of experience and professional craftsmanship. Sharpening requires an experienced hand and the right tools. We sharpen knives, pliers, scissors, and also cuticle scissors, which usually cannot be sharpened by others. We can sharpen according to your needs and intended use such as poultry shears that require a very specific angle. Sharpening is carried out in many steps, and we will disassemble, sharpen, polish, straighten, and lubricate as needed. Experience for yourself the joy that comes from working with sharp tools once again!

Knife sharpening

Even the best of knives are useless once they become dull. Well-sharpened knives are a great delight for every butcher, barber, and cook. Sharpening a knife is fine artistry that requires an experienced hand and the right tools. In order to ensure optimal cutting performance, knives must be sharpened regularly. Place your knives in our experienced hands and make them look like new again.

Scissor sharpening

Only sharp cuts well. We sharpen all types of scissors, whether they are household scissors or for professional use.
Unlike others, we can also sharpen small cuticle scissors, which require a very specific angle. And so that a classic bob does not come out looking like a hack job, we also sharpen hair shears. High-quality barber shears especially require a skilled hand for repairs and re-sharpening. We offer you a service that is undertaken by trained specialists with many years of experience and expertise.